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Hygiene & Prevention

There are so many reasons to maintain good oral hygiene. For one thing, studies shows that reducing the amount of dental plaque in your mouth will help you avoid tooth decay and gum diseases. So what’s the key to effective oral hygiene? You just need to learn the basics and stick to a daily routine. Let’s start with flossing, because it’s the single most important factor in preventing gum disease. In fact, if you don’t floss, you will miss cleaning more than a third of your tooth’s surfaces. So take the time to clean between every tooth once a day. Remember that each space has two sides to be cleaned , so move your floss up and down one side and then the other. The front, back, and chewing surfaces of your teeth can be cleaned with a toothbrush.

Always use a brush with very soft bristles and some fluoride toothpaste. Why fluoride? The essential mineral actually becomes incorporated into your teeth, strengthening them and helping them resist decay. Brush gently for a full two minutes twice each day. Scrubbing hard won’t get your teeth any cleaner, but it can damage your gums. Of course, your daily oral hygiene routine will be a lot easier if you don’t eat sticky, sugary, between meal snacks. Stick to the good stuff.

There’s another important part of your oral hygiene routine, but you only have to do it about twice a year. And that’s to visit your dentist’s office. Your hygiene will use special tools to clean any hardened plaque deposits that may have formed between your teeth or at the gum line. And your dentist will make sure any minor problems are addressed quickly before they become big, expensive headaches. None of these things will take up a big part of your day, but they will sure make a big difference to your health and your smile.