Celebrity Smiles, LLC

Our Services

Our smiles are more important than we realize, affecting the way we socialize, meet new people, or even view ourselves. Celebrity Smiles helps you achieve a red carpet-ready smile so you’re ready to conquer the day with confidence.

We are home to experienced dentists who are passionate about transforming lives through beautiful, healthy smiles. We believe that a healthy set of pearly whites can be your best asset – it can boost your confidence, bring you opportunities, and improve your way of life – some experts even go as far as saying it can help you live longer.

We provide a full range of quality dental treatments, from tooth extractions to dental implants, at fair prices. We make a first-class dental experience available to you, minus the high price tag.

dental implants

Dental implants make a natural-looking solution to tooth loss. Let us help you find out if you’re a viable candidate for dental implants.

cosmetic procedures

A gummy smile or teeth that’s discolored, chipped, or cracked may take a toll on our confidence. Transform your smile with cosmetic procedures!

restorative procedures

It’s never too late to restore your teeth and gum health. We provide restorative dentistry to treat all phases of tooth decay.

tooth extractions

Celebrity Smiles is home to experienced and gentle dentists who make sure that the tooth extraction process is comfortable and worry-free.

pediatric dentistry

Teach your child the value of oral hygiene early on. Our friendly dentists will make your young ones look forward to their next visit.


Gum health is essential to a healthy mouth. Red, swollen, and bleeding gums are signs that you’re due for a dental appointment.


Need a root canal treatment for painful, injured, or sensitive teeth? We provide endodontic treatment using specialized techniques and superior technologies.

hygiene & prevention

Excellent oral hygiene is the key to healthy, beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. We provide treatments to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.


Want straighter teeth but not the unsightly metal brackets? Invisalign offers a virtually invisible way to straighten your pearly whites.

laser treatments

We use sophisticated equipment to address more severe dental cases. A laser technology is used to administer gingivectomy and laser-assisted periodontal therapy.