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Have Your Smile Come Alive Again: Benefits of Dental Implants

“Teeth are alive, and given the proper environment, they can regenerate; this is why internal factors that nourish the teeth are so important.” – Nadine Artemis

A smile can turn the environment around you and it makes you look cheerful and confident; nevertheless, acquiring that perfect smile is not that easy as it asks for good care of your teeth. Perfect, strong and beautiful teeth can make your smile have a long-lasting effect on people. A missing tooth can not only ruin your health but also good prospects in future. Dental implants help replace your missing teeth and keep your health intact. Over the years, dental implants have proved to be the most effective solution for they restore the functionality in your mouth, with your tooth looking strong and healthy again.

How can dental implants help you? Here are the benefits of dental implants.

1. Enhance your appearance

A missing tooth can make your face begin to sink in and later it will lead to creating wrinkles and change your appearance. When your face loses its shape, you tend to look old. Dental implants maintain your jawbone and stop your facial structure from further deterioration. Your natural teeth, which are engrafted in the jawbone, help stimulate bone growth while biting or chewing food. When teeth are lost and not replaced, the alveolar bone of the jawbone does not receive the required stimulation. The body finds that it no more needs the jawbone for it does not use it. Consequently, the facial structure deteriorates, with the cheeks becoming hollow, skin around the mouth developing wrinkles and face appearing sunken. You will look aged and lose confidence.

The dental implants can stop your face from sinking and looking older. It helps you restore your face and stop bone loss.

2. Make yourself comfortable

The dental implants are permanent that you need not have to remove the implant-supported crown while performing your daily activities. Furthermore, you do not have to use any special cleaning products; instead, easily take care of your teeth by brushing and flossing as you did earlier. When it comes to eating food, you will feel comfortable biting the food as the implanted dentures are anchored in the jawbone and have the same strength as the natural teeth.

3. Offer lifetime solution to your dental health

If you are looking for a lifetime solution for your failing or missing teeth, then the dental implant is an answer to it for it is permanent. Using a treatment procedure called bone grafting; a small bone sample is taken from your body and embedded into the deficient part of the jawbone. A healing time is allowed before placing a metal dental implant and abutment in the jaw and after that the crown is fixed on the abutment. With dental implants, you can protect your natural adjacent teeth from damage or misalignment with a simple, small and single procedure.

4. Help speak naturally and confidently again

Your front teeth and tongue help pronounce certain letters and words clearly. With a missing tooth, you may utter some words indistinctly. This will result in losing your self confidence and self-esteem at meetings and conferences, or in social gatherings. The dental implants enable you to overcome this, with the implanted denture functioning just like a natural tooth to help you speak correctly and naturally.

5. Help avoid health issues

Dental care is important for a healthy life. Your teeth may be subject to periodontal disease if a failing or missing tooth is left untreated. Periodontal disease, if not taken care of, will worsen and finally result in heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, and other serious illnesses. With dental implants, you can take care of your teeth and mouth. Since the implanted denture (s) is the exact replica of a natural tooth, the care taken for it is similar to the one you take for your other teeth. All you need to do is to brush and floss your teeth regularly and undergo regular checkups to keep your overall body healthy.

6. Eliminate complex dentures, bridges, or metal clasps

Going for conventional dentures and bridges result in compromising the natural adjacent teeth for they need to support the denture or bridge as an anchor. In the long run, this will lead to the deterioration of the healthy teeth. The dental implants eliminate the modification of the adjacent teeth and in turn support an aesthetically pleasing procedure for your overall dental health.

7. Long-term restorative feature compensates high cost

Dental implants weigh over the dentures or bridgework when it comes to replacement. Though you have to incur high expenses initially, low-maintenance, life expectancy and restorative features make dental implants quite cost-effective in the long run. When bridgework and dentures have the possibility of decaying of the underlying part of the tooth, the dental implants hardly develop any chances of decay for they are designed using metal and porcelain. The decay of an abutment tooth of bridgework requires replacement of the entire bridge, which consists of three crowns at the least. The other costs associated with it are for the treatments like core buildup with dental composites and root canal therapy.

8. Help have a natural smile as before

When it comes to reproducing closest to the natural teeth, then it is through dental implants. How about the tooth with its root replaced without affecting the adjacent teeth looking natural? It is possible with the modern dental implant procedure, which keeps every tooth in your mouth intact and makes your smile as natural as before.

Have a dental implant consultation today!

Ignorance of failing teeth may result in serious loses in life. Your is of prime importance as your overall health. If you are the one having missing or failing teeth, it is time to fix a dental implant consultation today.

Through the advanced dental implant procedure, a dentist can restore your self-confidence and appearance and make you smile naturally all your life. Why not schedule an appointment for a dental checkup at your dental clinic today?

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